The President of India Rejected Mercy Petition of Saibanna Ningappa Natikar

“Saibanna Ningappa Natikar” , a man from Karnataka,was convicted with death sentence for murdering his first wife.

While he was in parole in September 1994, he killed his second wife and her  18 months old daughter suspecting his second wife’s fidelity and attempted suicide.

He was convicted for his murders with “Death -Sentence”- for his murder of his first wife and murders of his second wife and the child- while being on conviction proceedings for one murder with death sentence.

After  his death sentence  was confirmed by the Supreme Court of India on 21st April 2005, Saibanna submitted his mercy petition to the President of India.

The President of India, Mr.Pranab Mukherjee rejected the mercy petition of Saibanna on 4th January 2013.

Earlier the President of India Mr. Pranab Mukherjee  rejected the mercy petition of Kasab, the  convict of the 26/11 Mumbai Terror case who was hanged on 21st November 2012.
(Kasab was hanged on 21st November 2012)

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