Public Sector Banks in India Strike for 2 days in August 2012

The United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU)
had called for a ‘Two Days’s Strike’ in July 2012, in protest against:
  • The reforms and outsourcing of non-core activities in the banking sector  in India, 
  • The Government’s Policies of Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalization in the Banking Sector in India, 
  • The Banking Amendment Bill- 2011 containing provisions such as raising of shareholders’ voting rights from 10 per cent to 26 per cent in private banks and supersession of bank boards,
  • The unilateral implementation of the Khandelwal Committee Report on Human Resources Management in the Public Sector Undertaking Banks.
The Khanelwal’s Committ has recommended:
  •   more outsourcing of non-core activities in a time-bound manner,
  •  for raising the standard of recruitment, including methodology and content for testing,
  • computer skills will be mandatory for both officers and clerks,
  •  that the minimum qualification for clerks  should be Graduation and  for Sub-Staff should be Class 10
However, the strike was postponed, as the Indian Banks’ Association (IBA) & the Labour Commissioner had called the UFBU for talks on the demands of the bank employees.
Now, as there is no positive response from the IBA & the Labour Ministry, nearly 10 lakh bank employees of:
  • 24 public- sector banks, 
  • 12 private banks and
  •  6 foreign banks

have begun the 2 days’s strike from 22ndAugust to 23rd August 2012 for the above reasons and for demanding:

  •  stringent and effective measures to recover bad loans,
  •   pension revision,
  •  housing loan revision,
  •  a five-day working week and
  •  human resource related issues.

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