What are the Health Benefits of Crabs?

In general, all Sea food, such as fishes, prawns/shrimps and crabs are good for our health. Crabs contain the following nutrients:-

  • Protein:– a good amount of protein necessary for our body is present in crabs.
  • Fat:- only a low quantity of fat is present.
  • Magnesium:– A fairly good amount of Magnesium is present in crabs. Magnesium is necessary for biochemical reactions in our body. It helps to maintain a healthy immune system and keep our bones strong. Magnesium will regulate our Blood Pressure. It is a part of our energy metabolism and protein synthesis. Magnesium helps in controlling Hypertension, Cardiovascular disease and Diabetes.
  • Selenium:- is an antioxidant and a component of several essential enzymes. Selenium will delay or prevent the onset of cancer and also have anti-aging effect. Selenium is also an important mineral needed for proper thyroid function. It also promotes immunity system.
  • Vitamin B 6:– Vitamin B is necessary in amino acid metabolism and maintaining Blood Glucose levels.
  • Folate:- Soluble form of Vitamin B. Folate is necessary for the production and maintenance of new cells and prevention of anemia, especially during infancy and pregnancy.

Some variety of Crabs, living in the paddy fields, are believed to provide heat to our body, and for Colds, Coughs and acute Bronchitis, “crab soup” is recommended, though there is no scientific proof that crab soup is having medicinal properties for curing colds.

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