List of Promises Made by Arvind Kejriwal’s- Aam Admi Party in the Delhi Assembly Elections-2013

In the 2013 elections for the Delhi National Capital Terrritory/NCT Assembly held in December 2013, the “Aam Admi Party/AAP” headed by  ‘RTI’/’India Against Corruption Activist- Arvind Kerjiwal, who was a close follower of Anna Hazare for time, had contested in all the 70 constituencies of the NCT of Delhi.

The AAP had issued joint and several election manifesto for all the 70 constituencies.

The AAP contested in the Delhi Assembly elections opposing both the Indian National Congress / INC, which had been the ruling party in Delhi

and the Bharathiya Janatha Party/BJP, creating a triangular contest among the 3 parties, contesting against one another.

As the result of the elections, unfortunately, none of the 3 contestant-parties could get the required 36 seats out of the total 70 seats to form the government.

The BJP secured 31 seats and  emerged as the single  largest party. 

The new/debut party AAP got 28 seats and emerged as the second single largest party in the assembly.

The INC, which had been ruling the NCT of Delhi continuously for the past 3 terms faced a drastic failure getting only 8 seats and could not become even the opposition party in the assembly.

Independent candidates had been elected in the remaining 3 constituencies.

The BJP and the INC are ever rivals throughout India.

AAP is against the ruling party INC and the BJP in view of the AAP’s ‘anti-corruption’ policy and it  had already declared that it would not support any of the 2 parties, namely the INC and the BJP to form the government or in any other matter.

After knowing the results, the BJP which emerged as the single largest party was reluctant to form the government, knowing the fact that it would not get support from either the INC or the AAP, and declared that it would sit in the opposition.

The INC, with only 8 seats and with its Chief Ministerial candidate/ the last Chief Minister of Delhi, Ms.Sheila Dikshit defeated by the leader of the AAP –Arvind Kejriwal, forming  the government in Delhi had become impossible/ /unimaginable.

The BJP had been expecting that no party could form a government  and the State of Delhi would come under the ‘President’s rule’ and re-election would be conducted along with the general elections for the next union government in the year 2014.

Also the BJP had been accusing the AAP that it was not ready to form the government because of fear of fulfilling its election promises.

However, the INC came forward to support the AAP unconditionally to form a government in the state of Delhi.

There have been protests in the INC itself and  doubts in the minds of others about INC’s offer of support to AAP to form the government.

The AAP sought for some time to decide on the matter of forming the government with the support of INC, and went to the people of Delhi, for their opinion on the matter.

According to AAP, the opinion of the people of Delhi, who voted for AAP and perhaps against the INC has been that  AAP should form the government with the unconditional support of INC.

However, the AAP presented 18 conditions to accept the support of the INC, 15 out of which are said to be agreed by the INC.

At last, the AAP is all set to form the Delhi State Government and its leader, Arvind Kejriwal along with 6 other of his party-men would be sworn in as the new cabinet of ministers of the state of Delhi on 28th December 2013.

Arvind Kejriwal will be the 7th Chief Minister of the state of Delhi.

People of Delhi are eagerly awaiting the AAP to fulfill its elections promises, and the other political parties, especially, the BJP and the INC are anxious to see how the AAP would run the government as per its election manifesto.

The AAP has got one week’s time, by 3rd January 2014, to prove its majority in the floor of the assembly.

The following are the promises made to the residents of Delhi, by Arvind Kejriwal’s Aam Admi Party/AAP in the Assembly  Elections-2013:

  • Ending the “VIP-Culture”,
  • ‘Lokpal bill’ would be passed in the Delhi Assembly within 15 days of forming the government,
  • Cheap Electricity/Lowering the present Electicity Tariff to 50%,
  • Regular Water Supply/  Supply of 700 litres of free water for every middle-class and poor family,
  • Affordable Housing/Regularization of unauthorized colonies 
  • and Abolition of contract work for jobs that are of permanent nature.
Even before taking charge Arvind Kejriwal has declined the offers to him for the government’s bungalow and the security etc., available to the Chief Ministers of the states in India,  as the first step of ending the ‘VIP –culture’.
Declining the offer for the official bungalow, Arvind Kejriwal has told that he would continue to stay in his Ghaziabad apartment/residence and asked the security personnel arranged by the Indian Union Government/Delhi Police, to go back from his residence.
Arvind Kejriwal has refused the high security cover provided by Delhi Police, saying that God is his biggest security.
Arvind Kejriwal, after deciding to form the Delhi State Government, has held ‘Janta Darbar’ outside his residence/party office and heard the complaints and suggestions of the public and he has promised to work on them and extended his open invitation to the people to the swearing in ceremony of his government to be held on 28th December 2013 at the Delhi Ramlila Maidan.
We will have to wait and see, whether Arvind Kejriwal and  his party AAP would prove its majority on the floors of the Delhi Assembly and fulfill the election promises.

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