Do not use Mobile Phones when you are mobile

“Mobile Phone” is a wonderful device useful to us in many ways, apart from normal conversation and essential communications. It is next to impossible to imagine a life without mobile phones. Mobile phones have become a necessity of life these days.

However, we must not use mobile phones when we drive a car or ride on a two-wheeler. That is, we must realize that we should not use mobile phones when we are mobile.

Many people use mobile phones while driving two wheelers and four wheelers. Such people think and say that they are accustomed to talking while driving. They wrongly assume that hearing music while driving and using mobile phones while driving are one and the same. It is not so, because using mobile phone is normally a two way communication, except perhaps when wives talk and husbands hear or rarely in the other way about.

A person using mobile phone during a drive or ride will see by his eyes the road and the persons, vehicles coming in his way; however his brain will be busy in hearing and replying the conversation over the mobile phone.

According to an analysis of Central Road Research Institute (CRRI) analyzes many skills required by a motorist are:-

  • Watching the road
  • Checking the rear- and side-view mirrors
  • Keeping an eye on dashboard gauges
  • Which are some tasks requiring visual and cognitive skill.
  • Sharp auditory senses are also required to listen for other vehicles ,horns and policemen’s whistles.
  • emergency-sirens
  • other sounds that may require the driver to alter his course.

Steering the vehicle, controlling the pedals, signalling turns or switching on appropriate indicators call for biomechanical skills.

When a driver uses a mobile phone, he has to use a similar set of skills:-

  • locating the correct buttons to push
  • reading the screen by taking his eyes off the road.
  • To listen for ring tones
  • To hold a conversation, he may be too distracted to hear other cars honking or a policeman’s whistle.

Driving and using Mobile phones are a bad and dangerous combination as proved by many road accidents.

So, it is advisable to put our mobile phones in silent mode when we drive or ride.

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8 years ago

I was driving and talking at the same time once. Now as I have read this information, I will not use mobile and will give some pieces of advice to my writer at