How to clean the Rivers Cooum&Adayar of Chennai

The Bay of Bengal and the Marina Beach are the main water attractions of Chennai City.

There are two major rivers in Chennai:-

The Cooum River and
The Adayar River

Unfortunately both the above rivers are contaminated with drainage water and domestic and industrial wastages. As such both the rivers are not flowing with water.

They require cleaning and maintenance to see them as rivers. Long back efforts had been taken to clean the river Cooum and the cleaning work of Cooum was partially done.In some places of Cooum river boats were also operated. However, the Cooum river got converted back into its bad shape as a drainage.

Recently, Mr.M.K.Stalin, the Deputy Chief Minister of Tamilnadu visited Singapore when he studied how Singapore could clean its rivers.

Now, Mr.M.K.Stalin has been named to head the “Chennai River Water Authority”/”CRWA” set up to clean the above two major rivers of Chennai.

The other members of the “CRWA” will be the ministers in-charge of:-

  • slum clearance,
  • environment and
  • tourism

along with the ‘chief secretary to the Tamilnadu Government’ and officials of the above ministries.

When the above two rivers are cleaned and maintained clean we can have an hygenic atmosphere in Chennai. And the health hazards/deadly diseases such as:-

  • Chikun Gunia
  • Denghu
  • Swine Flu

caused by the mosquitoes and the unhygenic and dangerous gases/ odours will be eradicated.

If and when the rivers Adyar river and Cooum river are cleaned and maintained, there will be a face-lift in the status of Chennai City as a Tourist spot.

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