How to stop bad breath

Bad breath is normally caused by dental problems such as:-

  • teeth cavity
  • gums swelling
  • gums bleeding

Some stomach problems also will cause bad breath. Bad breath is a common problem in many people. We must find out the cause for bad breath and seek remedy for the cause and thereby stop bad breath.

We must visit our dentist for regular check ups and cleanings, to maintain oral hygiene. Brushing teeth after every food intake is ideal, but if it is not practically possible, we must brush our teeth at least twice daily:-

  • immediately after getting up from bed in the morning
  • before going to bed in night.

As a first step of stopping bad breath, taking coffee or tea without brushing in the name of “Bed Coffee” should be avoided. We can have daily mouth- rinse, however it will only subside bad breath and it will not cure when the bad breath is due to some dental problem or some stomach problem. Also we must clean our tongue daily to remove bacteria. Of course, some people will get vomiting sensation even while brushing teeth and more so if they try to clean their tongue using a tongue-cleaner. Tongue cleaning should be practised from childhood. The parents must show their children how to brush teeth and clean tongue.

Smoking and use of other tobacco products must be abandoned to get rid of unpleasant smell apart from bad breath. To cure dry mouth we must drink plenty of water and take a saliva substitute on dental consultation. If any problem in stomach we must consult a “Gastroenterologist and get the problem cured and stop bad breath.

We can have a self examination of our breathing out by holding our palm near our mouth and smell to know if we have a Bad breath.

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15 years ago

Bad breath is definately a symptom of a much larger problem. Problems such as gum disease and decay do create mouth oder. You mentioned using a mouth wash. One thing to remember is to use a mouth wash that is alcohol free. Both
Crest and Colgate have one. My favorite brand is Breath Rx from Discus Dental. It can be purchased in retail stores or at your dentist. For more information on dental problems you can visit my web site at or check out my dental blog.