Dementia A condition of brain forgetting things

Forgetfulness is the gift given by God to man. Man will forget things of the past, as the brain will store only recent things and unforgettable good/happy as well as bad/sad, things/happenings of the past. The brain will store very old things/happenings deep into the subconscious mind. It will recollect very old things only after a deep thinking and with much difficulty. Suppose if man remembers everything without forgetting, he will become mad, by old bad memories. But the forgetfulness of a man must be reasonable.

Dementia is a condition of the brain related to forgetfulness, which makes it hard for the person to remember, learn and communicate. Though normally people of old age will be affected by Dementia, some young people also may be affected. Dementia will change the mood and personality of the person. In the initial stages of dementia, loss of memory and trouble in coherent thinking will be there. In due course, because of the forgetfulness, disruption in the behavior and the related problems will be added. Unfortunately, the concerned person affected by dementia will not be aware of the problems.

The Cause/s of Dementia will be one or more of the following: –

  • Destruction of Brain Cells
  • A Head Injury
  • A Brain Stroke
  • A Tumor
  • Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Family History
The following are some of the Common Symptoms or signs of Dementia: –

Mostly all human beings tend to forget things at least for a short while and then recollect. But the people affected by dementia will often forget things and sometimes they can never recollect at all. Some dementia affected people will be repeatedly asking the same questions or telling the same things to the same person, forgetting that they had already asked the question to the persons and even got answered and told the matter to them.

Some people with dementia will:-

  • Forget even routine things. For example, some people will forget to cook, or forget that they had already cooked and even they will forget to eat or serve the food cooked by them.
  • Forget names of familiar persons and they cannot recollect the names. Some people will even forget common words and use wrong words and stumble upon.
  • Forget the way to a place they normally go and even the way to their own house. It is the effect of Dementia and people suffering from the unfortunate condition, face even worse situations.
  • Forget numbers of Telephones, Bank Accounts etc., due to problems in abstract thinking.
  • Forget where to place certain things and where they have placed certain things and they will put the things at wrong place and forget where they have kept the things also
  • Forget the situation they are in and their moods will abruptly change from one passion to another instantly.
  • Have Personality changes and become irritable, suspicious or fearful.
  • Avoid going out to meet other people and they will become passive.
If some of your family member has got some symptoms or signs of dementia, it is advisable to consult a doctor. Before taking the affected member to the doctor you must meet the doctor and explain the signs and symptoms of dementia of your relative and your Family History related to the problem.

If the Dementia affected person is very old it is very difficult to cure or correct the condition. If the person is young there is a good chance of recovery from dementia.

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