Indian Cricket Captain M.S.Dhoni adopted a Tiger of Mysore Zoo

Indian Cricket Star-Captain- Mahendra Singh Dhoni has recently,adopted a tiger of the Mysore Zoo ( Sri Chamarajendra Zoological Gardens).M.S.Dhoni has paid Rs 1 Lakh for the adoption of the Mysore Zoo Tiger.It is very much pleasing and good to hear that a national animal kept in zoo is adopted by a popular cricketer of India.

With the adoption of the tiger by Dhoni, now all the 8 tigers kept in the Mysore Zoo have been adopted by VIP’s and popular persons including:-

  • Indian Cricket Captain M.S.Dhoni,
  • Indian Cricketer Zaheer Khan and
  • Karnataka Chief Minister B.S. Yeddyurappa.

Indeed, adopting animals is a good humanitarian gesture and adopting the ‘Indian National Animal -Tiger’ is a very good thing to do for popular and rich Indians.
On hearing the adoption of Tiger by M.S.Dhoni, it will come to our mind instantly that there is much more scope and need in India to adopt abandoned children and old persons who do not have anybody to take care.The popular and well to do persons in India must adopt children and old people of India, by donating to the organizations running ‘children homes’ and ‘old age homes’ .

The charitable activities of persons like M.S.Dhoni will be looked after by his Personal Assistants, who should initiate helping the orphan-children and old people of India.

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