J.R.D.TATA-One of India’s Most Enterprising Entrepreneurs

Birth and Education:-

Mr.Jehangir Ratanji Dadabhoy Tata/J.R.D.TATA was born on 29th November 1904, in Paris-France. He was born to an Indian-father and a French mother- Ms.Suzanna. Mr.J.R.D.Tata had become one of India’s most enterprising entrepreneurs.Mr.J.R.D.Tata was brought up in France and he had his education in France, Japan and England. However, he studied only up-to Matriculation Level.

Tata Group:-

Mr.Jamsetji Tata, the founder of the “Tata&Sons” which later became the “Tata Group” is the uncle of Mr.J.R.D.Tata. Mr.Jamsetji Tata is known as the “father of Indian Industries”. Mr.J.R.D.Tata joined “Tata&Sons” as an apprentice in 1925.

In the year 1938, Mr.J.R.D.Tata was elected as the Chaiman of “Tata&Sons” with 14 enterprises. In the year 1988, after 50 years, when Mr.J.R.D. Tata retired from the Tata Group of Companies, there were 95 enterprises in the Tata Group.

During the last half of the twentieth century “Tata Group” entered several new unconventional businesses and produced/handled a vast range of products and services like:-

  • airlines,
  • hotels,
  • air conditioning
  • trucks
  • locomotives,
  • tea
  • soda ash,
  • lipsticks,
  • cologne,
  • other heavy chemicals to pharmaceuticals and
  • financial services.

Mr.J.R.D.Tata’s Achievements:-

Due to the innovative ideas and implementation of the same,the Tata-Group made everything and do everything.

One of Tata’s earliest achievements was to cajole ten rival cement companies, to merge and form the ‘Associated Cement Companies’, run by the Tata-Group.

JRD strengthened existing businesses such as:-

  • steel,
  • power and
  • hotels.

As an industrialist, Mr.J.R.D. Tata is credited with placing the “Tata Group ” the international map.

As an aviator and pioneer flier, he brought commercial aviation to India.

As a patron of the arts, he was revered by India’s artists, sculptors and performing artists; under Mr.J.R.D. Tata’s tutelage, the Tata-Group became the biggest buyers, promoters and supporters of the art world in India.

And as a philanthropist, he was respected for keeping alive and building up the tremendously active ‘Tata charitable trusts’.

The Father of the Civil Aviation of India:-

Mr.J.R.D.Tata was very much interested in flying. In 1929 he became the first Indian to obtain a ‘Pilot License’. Mr.J.R.D.Tata’s interest in flying enabled him to start “Tata Airlines” which later became “Air India”. In 1948, Mr.J.R.D. Tata launched ‘Air India International’ as India’s first international airline. In 1953, the Indian Government appointed Mr.J.R.D. Tata as Chairman of Air-India and a director on the Board of Indian Airlines-a position Mr.J.R.D. Tata retained for 25-years. For his crowning achievements in Aviation, Mr.J.R.D. Tata was bestowed with the title of ‘Honorary Air Commodore of India’. He was known as the ‘father of India’s Civil Aviation’.

The Trustee of “Tata Trust:-

In 1932 ‘Sir Dorabji Tata Trust’ was founded and Mr.J.R.D.Tata was its trustee for more than 50 years.

The Tata- Trust established Asia’s first cancer hospital, the ‘Tata Memorial Center for Cancer Research and Treatment’ at Bombay in the year 1941.

Awards received by Mr.J.R.D.Tata:-

Mr.J.R.D. Tata was conferred on with “Padma Vibhushan Award” in the year 1957. In 1992 during his life-time, he was awarded the highest Civilian Award of the Government of India,the “Bharat Ratna” Award. The Bharat Ratna award is rarely awarded to people during their life-time.

Demise of Mr.J.R.D.Tata:-

Mr.J.R.D. Tata died in Geneva, Switzerland on 29th November 1993 at the age of 89. The Indian Parliament was adjourned in his memory on Mr.J.R.D.Tata’s death. Usually this honour will be given only to the Members of Parliament. As a special case the honour was given to Mr.J.R.D.Tata, who had not been a Member of Parliament.

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JRD Tata was born on 29th july 1904

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