Tips To Safeguard Your Money in Your Bank Accounts

The following tips will be useful  to  Safeguard your Money in your Bank Accounts from online and manual thieves: 

    • As and if someone calls you, saying it is a call from your bank, do not give away details  over phone and if it is necessary, disconnect and call them back  and proceed

    • Do not use an analogue cordless phone to give your bank details
    •  Destroy all your unwanted paper receipts of Bank Transactions and  the Bank Statements
    • Do not use the same PIN  for more than one  Bank Card
    • Keep changing the PINs often
    • Do not record and store Passwords in any Computer

    • Keep your Mobile Phone locked if you use it for ‘mobile banking’

    • Ensure and Check no one can overhear your phone calls to your bank
    • Do not use for Bank PINs the   dates or numbers that are easy to guess
    • Never click on a link to a website if you get an email supposedly from your bank
    • Check if you are being watched when you do your banking at Internet Cafes and ATM s
    • Keep your Computer’s Anti-Virus Software updated.

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