“The First Super-Star of Indian Cinema”- Kaka- Rajesh Khanna’s Recorded Message to his Fans Published after his death!

India’s First Super-Star”-Rajesh Khanna of Bollywood who expired on 18th July 2012, has left a recorded message spoken by him in Hindi, for his fans,  to be published after his death.

In his recorded message published now, Rajesh Khanna/Kaka has not given anything personal, secret, or thrilling.

It is only a ‘thanksgiving and farewell message’ to his fans who made him the “First Super-Star” of not only Bollywood but of the Indian Cinema World.

In his message Rajesh Khanna has narrated how he was selected in the Hindi Film World, by an audition/interview with big Bollywood Producers.
He has given in the message the Hindi dialogue spoken by him in the interview which made him a film star. The following is the translation of the message in English:

“My dear friends, I am not a person to lament on or rejoice on thinking  of the past sentimental events and I am not a person to get nostalgic.

I believe in living in the present and I have always looked ahead towards the future. Whatever happened will be in the past and thinking about the past happenings will not help.

But, when we suddenly come across familiar faces in unfamiliar settings  the past memories come back to our minds rushing back.

I am reminded of my entry into the Film World more than 40 years back.

My journey in the Film Industry began with theater and I owe my success to the stage.

When I entered the film world, I had no ‘God Father’, no relatives or family members to guide me and help me to enter the film world or to become a film star.

I entered the field and came into the movies through the “United Producers -Filmfare Talent Contest”.

Persons interested in acting in films were called to the “Times of India”  in the presence of celebrated filmmakers like:

  • Chopra saab,
  • Bimal Roy ,
  • Shakti Samanta and many others.
The Film producers conducted interview to select actors. They asked me whether I had memorized the dialogue sent by them in advance and asked me to talk the dialogue.   I was sitting in front of the table where the producers were seated and I was feeling as if I was in a court- trial. I imagined that they might shoot me with a gun.

However, I boldly answered them and said,” I know the dialogue but you have not told me what is the characterization of the person to deliver the dialogue. Is he the hero who is announcing to his mother that he plans to marry a dancer and maker her  the daughter-in-law of the house?  You have not told me whether the  hero is rich, middle class or poor. Is the hero a villainous character or a pleasant fellow, etc.”

The Producer Mr Chopra said, “You are from the stage and  so make your own characterization as to how you will convince the mother.”

I told him that the dialogue sent by them is not for a stage actor to speak and Mr.Chopra asked me to choose my  own dialogue and speak.
I was nervously sweating and anxiously  wondering which dialogue I should impress them with. I had seen their movies several times and began to talk. 
The  following is the dialogue I spoke which opened the gates to me to the Star World and which began my travel in cinema.
“Yes, I am an artist, yes, I am an artist, what you would you do by hearing my story?”.
(“Mujhko yaaron maaf karna. Haan main kalakaar hun, haan main kalaakar hun. Kya karoge meri kahaani sunkar?”…`

Friends, I am a part of you, and as I said, you have all given your time for me.My dear fans, you  are the ladder to my success  and I have no words to thank you all.  I received love from you all and I am unable to return it back.  This is the love, your presence in large numbers that I am grateful for and I thank you and my greetings and wishes to you all.

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