All India-Bank Employees’ Strike for 2 Days in July 2012

The Indian Government has proposed to pass an amendment bill on the banking laws to:

  • Raise the Voting Rights of the Share-Holders in Banks and
  • Grant Licenses to Private Business Houses for setting up Banks
  • Close down Rural Branches of Banks
“United Forum of Bank Unions” /UFBU had given a letter to the “Indian Banks Association”/IBA on 26th March 2012, demanding  to the Government not to pass and implement the above proposed amendments in the Banking Sector.

However, as there was no response to their above demands the UFBU had forwarded another request on 18th June 2012 and announced of their nation-wide demonstrations on 27th June 2012 and 10th July 2012.

As there had been  no response from the IBA/Government of India, about 10 lakhs of Bank Employees, including Officers  in India decided to go on a nation-wide strike for 2 days on 25th  Wednesday and 26th  Thursday, July 2012 pressing the Unions’ above demands.

The following  is the status/development in the matter of the UFBU’s demands and the reaction/response from the IBA/Labour Department of India:

The Indian Banks’ Association and the Labour Department have called the unions UFBU for talks over their demands and asked the bank employees not to go on strike. They have assured to have a round of talks by 31st July 2012.

On the assurance given by the IBA representatives, and  the request  made by Chief Labour Commissioner and  the Deputy  Chief Labour Commissioner, UFBU agreed to temporarily postpone/defer the proposed strike of 25th and 26th July, 2012. 

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