Will Kamal Hassan’s “Vishwaroopam” Be Released in Tamilnadu Theatres on 8th February 2013 ?

Dr,J.Jayalalitha, the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu suggested the producers of the movie “Vishwaroopam” /Kamal Hassan to have a meeting with the representatives of the Tamilnadu Muslim Organizations to bring an end to the controversy in the release of “Ulaga Naayagan-Kamal Hassan’s-Vishwaroopam” movie in the theatres of Tamilnadu.

Also, the Tamilnadu Chief Minister assured to extend all  the possible and necessary co-operation and help in the talks and settlement for release of the movie in  Tamilnaud Theatres.

Kamal Hassan welcomed the suggestions of the Tamilnadu Chief Minister and a   “Tripartite” meeting was held on 2nd February 2013 evening, between the  following 2 parties at the Tamilnaud- Secretariat:

  • The producers of the movie- Rajkamal Pictures represented by Kamal Hassan and his elder brother S.Chandrahassan, 

  • 15 persons representing the Federation of Tamilnadu Muslims Social and Political Organization and Tamilnadu Thowheed Jamaath and 

  • Overseen by the con behalf of the Tamilnadu Government

As a result of the tripartite-meeting, Kamal Hassan has agreed/decided to :

  • to withdraw the  petition regarding the ban in the case in the Madras High Court,
  • solve the technical problems in removing the objected scenes and
  • carry out cuts of 7 scenes objected by the Muslims from the contents of the movie and
  • apprise the Central Board of Film Certification of the cuts/changes, and 
  • decide upon a release date of the movie in the Tamilnadu Theatres.

As a result of the the tripartite meeting, the Government of Tamilnadu, on 3rd February 2013, has lifted the temporary ban on “Vishwaroopam”.

On 4th February 2013 the Muslim Organizations will withdraw all the cased filed in various courts against the release of movie “Vishwaroopam”.

In view of the above developments,  “Vishwaroopam” may be released in the theatres of Tamilnadu by  Friday the 8th February 2013.

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