Do not fear Cholesterol

We find that people are trying to lower cholesterol levels with the help of a group of drugs. We are thinking very low cholesterol is all we need to live a long and healthy life.

Cholesterol is only one of a number of factors involved in cardiovascular health. Ridding our body of cholesterol is not the answer. We need some levels of cholesterol to stay alive and healthy. The following are some of the reasons why we need cholesterol.

Every one of our cells needs cholesterol to make it waterproof. When cells and tissues are damaged, cholesterol helps repair them.

Cholesterol is a powerful antioxidant limiting damage caused by free radicals. Cell membranes contain cholesterol.

Without cholesterol, our memory would be faulty and our brain will not function properly. Cholesterol makes us feel serene.

Bile, the substance that helps us to digest dietary fat has got cholesterol in it.

Many of our hormones need cholesterol to be formed properly, including sex hormones such as testosterone and progesterone, and hormones that control stress.

Cholesterol is involved in controlling inflammation all around your body, so preventing diseases from taking hold.

Cholesterol is involved in very important vitamin D production in our skin with the help of sunlight.

Getting our cholesterol level down will have the adverse effects on our health. Because of taking drugs for a prolonged time the cholesterol levels may go very much below the average need.

So,we must consider the non-drug options before we go down the drugs path.

If our cholesterol gets too low, we may lose chances of longevity.

Blame not and fear not Cholesterol.

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