The 9th World Tamil Meet at Coimbatore Opposed by the Opposition Parties

The Government of Tamilnadu has decided to hold the 9th World Tamil Meet in Coimbatore next year.

However, the ex-Chief Minister and the AAIDMK Chief Ms. Jayalalitha has sought to know from the Tamilnadu Government whether the proposed World Tamil Meet has got the approval of “International Association of Tamil Research” (IATR).

The proposed World Tamil Meet to be held in January 2010 after a gap of 14 years has not obtained sanction from IATR, which alone could conduct/approve such a Conference.

It is pointed out by the Opposition leaders that the IATR had organised the past eight world conferences, including the one in Thanjavur in 1995, which the previous Government of Ms.Jayalalitha had only “hosted” the Meet and not conducted it.

The Opposition parties in Tamilnadu are questioning the wrong timing of the proposed World Tamil Meet, at a time when the Tamils in Srilanka are sufferings and the Tamils all over the world are in a state of distress.

A Senior DMK Leader, Mr.Arcot N Veeraswamy has reacted to the remarks and objections of he opposition leaders including the ex-CM Jayalalitha that the proposed World Tamil Meet is having the support of Tamils all over the World.

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