The Relationship between Father and Son

Mother will be known to all of us by nature. However, we will come to know our father through our mother and other relatives. Still, there is a special bond between a father and a son. It may be because the son will carry over his father’s name or a father has someone to share his hobbies with. But if father- son relationship is not nourished, it will become weak and eventually disappear, especially during teen- ages.

Sharing the hobbies of the father with his son is a great way to connect and strengthen ‘father- son relationship’. The father must take time to teach his son and involve him in his hobby. Spending time together on a hobby will help to build a stronger relationship between the father and the son. It will also give an area to connect in during those trying teen ages. Participating in a hobby that both of them love, will give a common ground and a reason to spend time together.

Suppose, if the father loves to ride bike and goes out with his friends for spending week ends, he can make his son to join him and the father and the son can go riding together. This will make the son feel very special, because he can go with his dad. Of course the son also may like to go out with his friends, in course of time, which will not affect the already strengthened father-son relationship.

Sometimes sons are different than their fathers and do not enjoy the same activities. Then it is up to the father to find a way to have a bond with his son. If the son does not like outdoor games the father can play indoor games together. Reading books and discussing the plot and characters also will help to increase the intimacy between the father and the son.

Doing hobbies together is more than just spending time together. Often during those times a father is teaching his son valuable life lessons. The son’s love for his father will increase because the father takes time to strengthen their bond.

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