The Importance of Digestion For Health

The gastro- intestinal (GI) tract or food pipe is a long hollow tube stretching from the head to the end of the body, including:-

  • the mouth,
  • stomach,
  • small intestine,
  • large intestine.

The salivary glands, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas are also important parts of this far-reaching system.

digestive system

The main purpose of the GI tract is to break down carbohydrates, fats, and proteins into molecules small enough to be absorbed through cell membranes.

In that way, it provides the cells with the necessary energy for life and health.

Digestion begins in the mouth when food is chewed and starch is broken down by ptyalin, an enzyme secreted in saliva.

Food then enters the stomach, where it is reduced to tiny particles and further transformed by gastric juices. The solid portion remains in the stomach for one to six hours until it liquefies completely.

Then the liquid passes into the small intestine, where numerous enzymes produced by the pancreas, along with bile from the liver, break it down further for absorption.

When it finally arrives in the large intestine, all nutritional values have been spent, and the only remaining process is the removal of water before final elimination.

Every section of the GI tract is prone to its own unique disorders, some merely annoying, others potentially fatal.

For almost to all the disorders here are simple treatments that will, at the very least, relieve the symptoms. If our digestive system functions well we will not have most of the diseases.

For having a good digestion we have to eat only after getting hungry and after eating also a trace of hunger should be in the system.

To have a good digestion and good health, eating at regular fixed intervals even without hunger and eating for satisfying the tongue, that is for taste should be avoided.

 “Eat after getting hungry ; feel hungry after eating”, which means we must eat limited food with balanced nutrients just enough to quench our hunger.

Of course, occasionally we can eat well in a get together or party.

Otherwise, always taking a stomach-full / square meal is dangerous.

As it is said the number of people dying by starving is less than those dying due to over-eating.

If good eating habits are developed from the beginning we can have good digestion and disease free life.

We must eat for living, and we should not live for eating.

In schools students are taught in detail about our digestive system with chart and descriptive explanations for writing down examination and score good marks.

They should also be taught the importance of good eating habits and methods of having good digestion and healthy living.

Parents also should practice good eating habits and train their children in healthy eating habits.

When cooking is done whether at homes or at hotels ignoring balanced nutrients and general hygiene our digestion system will fail and various diseases will develop.

We must develop good eating habits in ourselves and also in our children and acquire good digestion and live with good health.

Our longevity and healthy living depend on the health of our digestive system along with other systems of our body.

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