Chinna Kalaivanar Vivek honoured with Padma Shri Award

In cinema acting it is comparatively more difficult to act in comedy roles than in other roles. In circuses the baboons/jokers used to make comedy by beating one another with a stick to make the audience laugh and also to divert their attention during the time-gap of each performances.

In cinema comedy is of different types. In some comedy scenes some unbelievable and impractical jokes will be handled by the comedians. In one type of comedy one comedian will be beating, kicking and scolding another comedian to make the audience laugh. In some other comedies, the speech and laughter of the comedian will kindle laughter from the audience. Indian comedians will have the resemblance of Hollywood comedians like Charlie Chaplin and Laurel & Hardy.

The popular Tamil Comedian Mr. Vivek is called “Junior Kalaivanar”/ ”Chinna Kalaivanar” because Mr. Vivek’s comedies in his films are blednded with some message like the comedy of “Kalaivanar N.S. Krishnan”.The aim of Kalaivanr’s comedy was to make the audience not only to laugh but also to think. The comedy will be on the trends of people.

In Tamil cinema there had been very good comedians such as

  • Mr. N.S.Krishnan popularly known as Kalaivanar
  • Mr.J.P. Chandra Babu
  • Mr. “Danal” Thangavelu
  • Mr. Nagesh
  • Mr. Surulirajan
  • Mr. Kaka Radhakrishnan(he is still acting)

and many good comedians are still acting in Tamil cinema, like:-

  • Mr. Goundamani
  • Mr. Senthil
  • Mr. Vadivelu
  • Mr. Vennira Aadai Moorthy
  • Mr. Charly
  • Mrs. Manorama
  • Mrs. Kovai Sarala
  • Mr. Vaiyapuri

Vivek’s comedy will be a mix of comedy and messages on awareness against the wrong beliefs and practices of the people, such as “vasthu”, blindly following good timings and days, and many superstitious practices and the situations prevailing in the country, especially in Tamilnadu, such as bribery, over-population and political corruption.

Mr. Vivek was born on 19th November 1961 in Madurai. He is a B.Com. Graduate from “American College”, Maduari. He started acting in Tamil cinema from the film “Manathil Uruthi Vendum” in the year1987 as a comedian and he was appearing in small comedy roles till 1990. Then he started acting in separate comedy tracks in films like “Kushi”. He has received 5 Filmfare Best Comedian Awards for his comedy in the following films:-

  • Khushi
  • Minnale
  • Run
  • Perazhagan
  • Sivaji

In April 2009 Mr. Vivek was honoured with Padma Shri Award by the Government of India for his contributions to the field of Art.

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