Do You Know: A 96 Years Old ‘Vegetarian’- Indian Became Father of his Second Son

An Indian old man, with Vegetarian Food Habits- Mr.Ramajit Raghav of Kharkhoda village near Sonepet in Haryana created a record as the ‘world’s oldest father’ at the age of 94 Years in 2010, when his wife Mrs. Shankuntala  who was 52 years old then, gave birth to their first son (Bikramjeet).

Now, in December  2012, Mrs. Shakuntala Raghav has given birth to their second son (Ranjit) of Mr.Ramajit Raghav, and Mr.Raghav has broken his own record, and he is the ‘world’s oldest father’ at the age of 96 years.

According to Mr.Ramajit Raghav he had led a very simple life and he did not get married for a long time.

He had followed a strict vegetarian diet, taking milk, butter and fruits since his childhood.

As they cannot afford to have still more children, the couple Mr.Raghav and Mrs.Shakuntala have decided not to have a third child. Mrs.Shakuntala will undergo ‘tubectomy’ surgery, instead of his undergoing ‘vasectomy’ surgery for their ‘family-planning .

‘The People for Ethical Treatment to Animals Organisation’ will be running a campaign connecting  vegetarianism and fertility, under the slogan of ‘Vegetarians Still Got It At the Age of 96.’ Posters will feature a photograph of Mr. Ramajit Raghav with his youngest son Ranjit, and they are set to circulate towards the end of the year.

However, Mr. Ramajit’s Raghav’s achievement is not  recorded in the ‘Guinness Book of World Records’.

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