Will the ‘Sexual Offenders’ in India Get Quicker and Severe Punishments?

Sexual offenses are increasing in India. Rapes and sexual  harassment incidents are reported everyday in various parts of India.Recently, a 23 years old girl was raped in a moving bus at Newdelhi.

People of India, including women welfare organizations strongly protest against such sexual abuse and harassment against women in India and demand for more severe punishments, including the capital punishment- hanging  to the rapists and all sex-offenders.

Dr.Manmohan Singh, the Prime Minister of India acknowledged that anger and protest against sexual abuse and rape is “genuine and justified”.

According to the Indian Home Ministry, decision making should happen in a rational manner and it cannot be driven merely by emotions.

The Indian Home Ministry has constituted a committee:

  • headed by  Justice J.S Verma, a ‘Retired Chief Justice of India’ with the following 2 members-

  • Justice Ms.Leela Seth, a “Retired Chief Justice of the Haryana High Court”  and

  • Mr.Gopal Subramaniam, former “Solicitor General of India”
to look into the possible and suitable amendments for strengthening laws relating to the crimes against women so as to provide quicker trail and enhanced punishments for sexual assault of extreme nature against women. The committee has been asked to submit its report within 30 days.

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