World Health Organization has changed the name of Swine Flu to H1N1 Influenza

World Health Organization /WHO of the UNO decided to stop calling the disease swine flu in order to avoid confusion that the flu is caused by pigs. WHO will now refer to the disease using its scientific name “H1N1- Influenza ”.

The name was changed after the agriculture industry and the UN food agency expressed concerns that the term ‘swine flu’ was needlessly misleading countries to order culling of pigs.

World Health Organization will raise its level of alert to the top level Six Alert due to the situation of H1N1 virus attack in Spain.

Mexico was worst affected by H1N1 virus Influenza, while the disease is spreading in many state of the USA.

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14 years ago

You have said it is H1N1 virus for which WHO should take necessary steps to reduce.