Bollywood Super-Star Shah Rukh Khan’s Wax image at Madame Tussaud Museums

“Madamme Tussads Wax Museum” was originally started in London in the year 1835. The London Tussads Museum was shifted to the present venue in the year 1884.In the year 1971 a branch of the Tussads Museum was opened at Amsterdam.At present the Tussads Museum is having branches at the following places:-

  • New York-(2000)
  • Washington D.C.-(October 2007)
  • Berlin
  • Hollywood
  • Hong Kong
  • Las Vegas/New York
  • Shangai
  • Bangkok- To be opened in September 2010

Some more branches of the ‘Madame Tussaud Museum’ are expected to be opened shortly.

In the “Madame Tussaud Museums” wax statues of popular persons in various categories are installed including the following categories:-

  • Characters
  • Sports-Stars
  • Royalty
  • Pop-Stars
  • World Leaders
  • Hollywood Stars
  • Cultural Figures
  • Fashion
  • TV Stars

A new section named “Bollywood Stars” has been recently added in “Madame Tussaud Museums’, which is a prestige to India.

In the newly opened “Bollywood Stars” Section of the London Branch of the Museum the wax figures of the following Popular Bollywood Stars have been installed:-

  • Salman Khan
  • Amitabh Bachchan
  • Aishwarya Bachchan
  • Shah Rukh Khan

Bollywood Super-Star Shah Rukh Khan has become popular world-wise by his various hit films, including his recent “My name is Khan”.

Shah Rukh Khan had been named one of Newsweek’s ’50 Most Powerful People in the World’ in 2008.

Now, Shah Rukh Khan’s wax figure is going to be unveiled on 12th August 2010, in the “Madame Tussads Museum” in the new “Bollywood Stars” Section, in the city of New York in USA.

Wax statues of the following Indian Personalities have been placed in the London Branch and/or the New York Branch of the “Madamme Tussads Wax Museum”, so far:-

  • Mahatma Gandhi – World Leaders (Indian) At the London and New York Branches
  • Salman Khan- Bollywood Star-At the London
  • Amitabh Bachchan- Bollywood Star-At the London
  • Aishwarya Bachchan- Bollywood Star-At the London
  • Shah Rukh Khan- Bollywood Star-At the London and New York

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