Why do Dogs bite us?

We will hesitate to visit some of our relatives or friends, if there is a dog or some dogs in their house. When we visit such houses, we will be frightened by the loud barking and jumping, and sometimes sniffing of their pet dogs. Though our relatives/friends may say “Do not be afraid: our Tommy will not bite anybody.”, we will think twice before going to such houses. Because dog bites are common even nowadays.

There are basically two types of dogs, that bite us. Those are pet dogs and street/stray dogs. If we live in or near a forest area there will be “forest dogs” too. All types of dogs will bite us invariably, because biting is a basic nature of dogs, like some other animals like cats and rats etc. Generally, the animals which bite us are mammals.

People who keep pet dogs have got some responsibility towards the safety of visitors, and even members of their own family, especially children. Similarly, we must also follow some basic rules in dealing with pet dogs of others. We must know why dogs bite us at all. Dogs are not man-eaters.

Then why do dogs bite us?:-
Dogs bite us, if they get annoyed feeling that their safety is at a risk. If we go near them they will imagine that we are going to attack or trouble them. So, in an act of defense, they bite us.

Dog will bite us:-

  • If we attempt to take away from the dog its food or water
  • If we go near when two or more dogs are fighting. (They will be already furious in their fight.)
  • If we ignore “Beware of Dogs” warning boards in some houses, and enter the compound of the house or building.( Because such dogs are trained for biting and catching the intruder.)
  • If we go near when the dog is with its newborn puppy/puppies.
  • If we go near or disturb a sleeping, eating or lactating dog
  • If we run on seeing a dog in a lonely place or in its territory.( The dog will chase us and bite us.We must stand very still like a tree with our arms crossed over our chest. Also we must look away from the dog)
  • If we stare at a dog. (It will take our direct eye-contact as a challenge for power and control and rush on us to bite)

It is generally said “A barking dog never bites”. This statement is not always true.
There are some barking dogs which bite too.
We must not throw a stone or some other object at the dog. We must toss a stone or some object away from the dog. Then it will rush towards that object to sniff it and examine. In the meantime, we must slowly walk away from the dog’s territory.

Sometimes, when we are driving a two wheeler or riding a bicycle, during night hours, in a dark street corner or road, the dogs on the street or road will chase our vehicle, and bite us on our leg. We must avoid such situations to escape from dog-bite. If such dogs are pet dogs, we can ask the owners of the dogs not to allow them on the roads. If they are street/stray dogs, we can make a complaint to the Municipal/Corporation authorities and arrange for eliminating such dogs from the streets.

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15 years ago

Dogs bite because of a lack of training – as a pet insurance company we always stress the need for responsible ownership.