How to Live with High Blood Sugar

It is horrifying to read daily news papers these days.All sorts of terrible illnesses and conditions seem to be on the increase, despite the best efforts of medical technology.

It makes us wonder about the diets and lifestyle of modern man. We have got old evils like polio and tuberculosis under control, but new ailments are on the rampage. Especially diabetes or High Blood Sugar.

There are 1.8 million people known to be with DIABETES. But there are a million more who have it without knowing. It gets more common as we get older. The average age of diagnosis for people with no family history of the illness is 52.

There are two basic types of diabetes :

TYPE ONE develops when the body is unable to produce any insulin. Sufferers need to take insulin to control their blood sugar levels.

TYPE TWO develops when we cannot produce enough insulin, or when the insulin that is roduced does not work properly. This is the diabetes which usually appears in people once they cross 40 years old.

But here is a good news. Protection from both kinds of diabetes can come in the form of a vitamin that is not even a real vitamin. That is vitamin ‘D’. which is found in sea fish or dry fish made of sea fish.

A recent study revealed that vitamin‘D’ lowered the risk of TYPE ONE diabetes. Another study of 12,000 newborn babies found that recommended doses of vitamin D reduced the risk of developing diabetes by 80%.

Finland has more TYPE ONE diabetes than anywhere else on planet earth. Because they only get 2 hours of sunlight per day.The key source of vitamin ‘D’ as we know is the SUN. Vitamin ‘D’ is not really a vitamin, as such. It is what is known as a `Steroid Hormone Precursor’.

Instead of getting it from food, we can get over 90% of it in our skin after being in sunlight,that is a SUN BATH. So ,we must get plenty of natural sunlight every day. But as we grow older our skin absorbs less and less vitamin D. To get vitamin D intake we need to add eggs, liver and oily fish to our diet. The best way is to take a cod liver oil supplement. It has the right amount and the right type of vitamin D for our needs. One teaspoon a day should do it. Although there are no known cures for this disease, fish could the answer in the fight. Eating fish one day a week and doing mental exercises every day can help slash your chances of developing this terrible disease.

Human brain acts like a muscle and to keep it fit and healthy we have to exercise it. A great technique is to do a crossword puzzle every day and learn a musical instrument, memorize facts and figures for pub quizzes or learn complex new card games.Best of all is to combine light exercise, even a brisk walk 3 times a week with these mental activities.

If we add some fish to our diet, we will be feeding our brain and body enough to put up a fight against DIABETES.

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