How to communicate effectively

Tips For Effective Communication:

We must:-

  • Give full attention to people while they are talking to us, without interruption and encourage other people to talk, and ask only and appropriate questions
  • Present our ideas and treat people fairly
  • Value teamwork and know how to build cooperation and commitment and show respect for people’s ideas and feelings, even when we disagree with them
  • Accept differences and conflicts as  normal parts of any work environment, and know how to manage them
  • Strive to understand other people and to be constructively and empathetic
  • Be open to negative feedback
  • Be able to easily win people’s trust and respect
  • Communicate difficult truths in a respectful way
  • Check to make sure we have understood what other people are trying to communicate and be confident and at ease giving a presentation
  • Avoid making sweeping comments about other people

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