Ten Different Faces of Kamal Hasan in Tamil Film Dasavadharam

Out of the ten different faces of “Ulaga Nayagan- Kamal Hassan” in his film “Dasavadharam, the make up is so well done that it is difficult to identify the person as Kamal Hassan, in more than fifty percent of the characters(7/10).

In “Navarathiri” ‘Nadigar Thilagam-Sivaji Ganesan’ depicted in nine different characters. In that film we can identify Sivaji Ganesan, in almost all the nine different characters. In “Navarathiri” Sivaji Ganesan exhibited nine differnt passions called”nava rasam”.

Both the films, “Navarathiri” and “Dasavadharam” are milestones in the history of Indian Cinema.

For detailed Charecter Study of the Ten different Avadharams click here.

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