Pets – Unconditional Friends

To reduce our stess and depression normally we can do Meditation or Yoga. Having a good friend also will have stress relieving and health benefits.

Human friends will provide great social support and help in stress management.

Having pets also will help in relieving stress as per recent researches. Pets may be dogs or cats or any other domestic animal, bird or even reptile, depending on the individual’s likes and convenience. 
Pets will provide excellent social support, stress relief and other health benefits, perhaps more than people.

Pets will improve our moods. If we love animals and our pets, when our pet looks silently at our eyes with a or rubs against our body, our mood will become good, unless we are in some extreme sadness or worry. It has been found that HIV/AIDS patients having pets are having reduced stress than those who do not have pets.

Pets control our Blood Pressure better than drugs. This fact has been found in a research and patients with depression start to own pets. 
Pets indirectly encourage or compel us to get out and do exercise and walking. In taking our pet dog out for a walk, we automatically have our walking with our companion.
 Nowadays this has become more common in cities, and in high class society. 
While going out for a walk with our pet dog, we may have to meet and talk to many people who tend to talk to us enquiring about our pet dog, which enables to increase our network of acquaintances and friends, which also help in stress management.

Pets will provide us with unconditional love and company, keeping absolute secrecy, and we can enjoy a silent and safe company. This will be of a very good relief to people feeling depressed because of loneliness, isolation and lack of social support from other people including family members.
As there are benefits of talking about our problems with our good friends who are good listeners, spending our time with our pets also is equally beneficial in reducing our stress and depression.

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