Indian Film Producer Anil Ambani in the Oscar Awards 2012

In the present ‘84th Academy Awards’ /‘Oscar Awards-2012’ , India and Indian Films find no place in the nominations for the awards.However, as a consolation to Indians the popular Indian Film Producer, Mr Anil Ambani of the Reliance Group is in the lists of nominations and awards, in the present Oscar awards-2012.Three films produced by ‘Dream Works Studios’ in which Mr. Anil Ambani is a partner having more than 51% stake, had been nominated for 11 Oscars. The other partners of the ‘Dream Works Studios’ are Mr. Steven Spielberg and Ms.Stacey Snider.

Out of the 11 nominations, Ms. Octavia Spencer fetched the Oscar for ‘The BestSupporting Actress’ for her performance in “The Help”. Ms.Spencer was honoured with the golden statuette for her portrayal of big-mouthed maid Minny in “The Help”.

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