Is the Structure of the Renovated “MGR MEMORIAL” on the Marina Beach Against EC Rules ?

The Memorial of the former Chief Minister and founder of AIADMK,Dr.M.G.Ramachandran  on the ‘Marina Beach’ at Chennai has been renovated recently by the Government of Tamilnadu.

The entrance of the  renovated structure of the  “MGR Memorial”  resembles the AIADMK’s  election symbol of the “Double Leaves”.

The DMK has filed a petition in the Madras High Court challenging the above construction of the AIADMK Government, as it is against the rules of the Election Commission of India.

The DMK claims that the structure is in fact the AIADMK’s symbol and demands  for its removal and the Tamil Nadu government maintains that it is not the election symbol of the AIADMK as approved by the EC.

According to the DMK the election symbol of  a political party cannot be constructed at the cost of public money on a government property. And a party in power cannot canvas for itself by erecting a permanent structure of its own symbol,  which  is misuse and gross abuse of power, besides a breach of trust and wastage of public money.

The DMK  had given petitions to  the Chief Secretary and the Chief Election Commissioner to stop the addition of the “two leaves” to the MGR memorial.

According to the Tamilnadu Government  it is a ‘Y’ shaped structure with two wings, a honeycomb jaali arrangement at the top portion and ‘Pegasus,’ a flying horse and there is no similarity between the structure and the AIADM’s election symbol.

According to the Election Commission  of India, the model code of conduct and other restrictions  on campaigning would be in force only when election is announced and even if the constructed structure be proved to be the AIADMK’s election symbol, the EC cannot do anything in the matter.

The EC had ordered for draping of statues of the former Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh,Ms. Mayawati,  and her party symbol elephant, when the State  of UP went to Assembly polls, eary this year.

The EC had ordered for draping the photographs and portraits of the then Prime Minister of India and BJP leader Mr.A.B. Vajpayee installed on the Highways  prior to the 2004 Lokh Sabha  Elections.

Likewise, the EC would take appropriate steps as and when the segment/place wherein  the MGR memorial is located goes to polls.

Now, the Madras High Court will decide on the matter.

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