Who Will Receive “PONGAL GIFT HAMPER”-2016 of Tamil Nadu State Government?

The “PONGAL GIFT HAMPER”- for the year 2016, of Tamil Nadu Government, to be distributed at a cost of Rs 318 Crores,  will be given in a bag with the photo of the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, consisting of the following items:

  • 1 Kg Raw Rice for Cooking Pongal,
  • 1 Kg Sugar, 
  • 1 Piece of Sugar Cane of 2 Feet length and
  • Rs 100/- Cash.

The above ‘Pongal Gift Hamper’ of the Tamil Nadu Government will be distributed through the ‘Public Distribution System’/ ‘PDS’ of Tamil Nadu State,  to about 1.91 Crores of people, who are the holders of the following cards:

  • ‘Rice Cards’ (All Green Cards and White Cards marked ‘Rice Card’)
  • All Police Family Ration Cards and
  • Identity Cards & Ration Cards of Srilankan Tamil People staying in ‘Refugee Camps’.

It is notable that  ‘White Cards’ marked ‘Sugar Card’ and ‘N’ Cards / No Commodity Cards are not eligible for the Tamil Nadu Government’s 2016 ‘PONGAL GIFT HAMPER’.
According to the Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu, the above ‘Pongal Gift Hamper’ will help the ‘poor and downtrodden’ people of Tamil Nadu State, to celebrate the Tamil’s traditional festival of ‘Pongal’ comfortably.

Obviously, it is assumed that the people of Tamil Nadu having ‘Green Cards’ and ‘Rice Cards’ and all ‘Police Family Cards’ Holders are- ‘Poor’ and ‘Downtrodden’ and all others,  holding ‘Sugar Cards’*  are ‘Rich’ and ‘Affordable’. 

* ‘Sugar Cards’ are one of the types of  the ‘Family Ration Cards’ in white, with option to procure extra ‘Sugar’ instead of ‘Rice’. It appears that, just because of their opting for ‘extra sugar’ instead of ‘rice’, the economic and social  status of the  ‘Sugar Cards’- holders gets elevated.

“HAPPY PONGAL !” -2016.

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