Music Maestro Ilayaraja Live Concerts at Mumbai Delhi and Chennai

Music Maestro Ilayaraj is busy in the preparations for hisLive Concerts along with the Hungary Symphony Orchestra, in Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai to be held in the year 2010.His Mumbai Concert will be on the Indian Republic Day of 2010, the 26th January 2010.Ilayaraja’s Live Concerts at Mumbai and Delhi are planned by Mr.Sheetal Talwar and Mrs.Bhavna Talwar, the procucers of Pankaj Kapur, the producers of Pankaj Kapur’s Mausam.Music Maestro Ilayaraja has told that though he was not a great man his music is great and he is not composing music and Music flows out of him.The people and Ilayaraja’s fans of Mumbai, Delhi and Chennai will be having the fortune of enjoying the music-fountain from the Man of Music Ilayaraja as the 2010 New year’s gift.

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