Tips to Reduce Back Pain

When lifting anything we have to adopt the golf lift. While lifting the ball out of the cup the golfers will bend over with one leg and have the other leg extended behind them. This way the lower back never bends and is always kept in a straight position.

When getting in to car, we have to place in our seat before our legs and then bring one leg in the car at a time. This will reduce the pressure on the lower back.

If we have experienced a neck injury, we have to make sure we you do not sleep on two or three pillows. The excessive height of the pillows will cause stress on the spine and cause muscles to spasm, resulting in pain.

For women with cervical spine problems it is important to eliminate the heavy purses/handbags from their shoulders. The purse/handbag is heavier than they may realize and can be causing unwanted pressure on the shoulders and neck.

When getting out of bed, we have to roll to the side nearest the end of the bed and place our top hand on the side of the bed. Then, we have to begin to push downward on the bed while pushing up with our elbow and forearm of the other arm. Once we get to a sitting position, we have to push up with both hands. This will decrease the amount of jerking when getting up from bed.

We must sit in chairs with arms. This way we can position ourselves with both feet on the floor and both hands on the arms of the chair. We have to push upward to get out of the chair.

When lifting heavy objects we must ask ourselves whether we can do it without anybody’s help or whether two or more persons are necessary for lifting the same.We must not try to lift too heavy objects without knowing the actual weight.When lifting heavy objects, we must spread our feet wide apart and squat down, bending at the knees before lifting. The main thrust must come from the thighs rather than the back. The pressure must be taken off the low back and put on the thighs to be a proper lift.

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