What is the Ball of Light which fell from the sky in the northern Germany?

There is a news about a mysterious ball of light falling down from the sky to the earth in the northern Germany on 14th October 2009 night and the people who saw the falling of some luminous object from the sky were alarmed and many people telephoned to the Fire Services and the Police about the strange fire-ball falling down.

The people who saw the falling light object have described it as:-

  • a “burning ball”
  • a “glowing object in the sky”
  • “crumbled and fell to the ground”

Mr.Grau, the founder of the European Research Center for Fireballs and Meteorites told that they have got the pictures of the fireball and the meteor cloud.

What is a Meteor?

  • Asteroids/Meteors are small pieces of extra-terrestrial matter which become visible as a shooting stars or falling stasr when they enter the earth’s atmosphere. While the objects are in the area outside the atmosphere, they are called a “meteoroids”.
  • As a meteor it is heated to incandescence/glowing through friction due to collisions with air molecules and usually disintegrates completely before reaching the earth.
  • Those meteors large enough to reach the ground are called “meteorites”.
  • A meteor of considerable duration and brightness is known as a fireball.
  • A fireball which explodes in the air is called a “bolide”.

So, it is obvious that the fireball which fell from the sky into the north sea off Germany and Netherlands is a Meteorite and the fireball.

However, across the border in the Netherlands, sounds were reported which typically accompany large meteorites falling to earth, such as rumbling thunder and a sonic boom.

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