Construction of new places of Worship on Public Roads Banned by Supreme Court of India

The Gujarath High Court had ordered in May 2006 the Municipal Corporations in the State of Gujarth to demolish all illegal structures including places of worship on public roads. A petition challenging the above order of the Gujarath High Court has come for hearing at the Supreme Court of India.

The Supreme Court of India directed on 29th September 2009 vide an interim order, that there shall be no new construction of worship places of any religion on public roads throughout India. This restriction will apply to:-

  • Hindu Temples
  • Muslim Mosques
  • Christian Churches
  • Sikh Gurudwaras
  • Any other place of worship of all other communities

:and the Interim Order will be in force until the Final Judgement is issued in the above petition.

The Supreme Court of India also said that the fate of existing places of worship on public roads shall be dealt by the respective state governments on a “case to case” basis.

Also the Supreme Court had already directed the Government of India to ensure no place of worship is allowed to come up by encroaching public places.

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