“Non- Subsidized Price” of LPG Cooking Gas in India Hiked and Quota of Subsidized Cylinders Increased w.e.f. 18 January 2013

The Government of India has announced the following “practical and pragmatic” measures  w.e.f.18th January 2013, as a part of reducing the burden of  “Fuel Subsidy” cost born by the Government:

    The consumers of LPG gas can get/buy cooking gas refills at the subsidized price of Rs 410.50 
     (the present rate at Delhi and the price will vary from city to city due to differential local sales tax or VAT rates.) – up to 9 cylinders  per year. (Increased from 6 cylinders  per year).

    The consumers will get 5 subsidized cylinders instead of previously mandated- 3 during  the period up-to March 31, 2013. And from  1st April 2013 the consumers will get 9 cylinders in a year.

    If and when a consumer of LPG gas buys gas refill over and above the quota at the subsidized rate of –

    • 5 cylinders up to 31st March 2013 and 
    • 9 cylinders per year from 1st April 2013

    the consumer will have to pay  at the  Non-subsidized rate. 

    The cost of the Non-subsidized LPG Cooking Gas cylinder of 14.2 Kg will be  Rs 942/-
    as the cost of the subsidized gas has been hiked by Rs 46.50  w.e.f. 18th January 2013.

    The diesel prices hiked by 50 paise-(net) per litre and will be reviewed  every month and the oil companies will take decisions on raising prices based on ground realities.

    The present price of diesel  is Rs 47.65 per litre at Delhi.

    The bulk – consumers of diesel like Defence, Railways and State Transport undertakings will be charged the market price which is almost Rs. 10/- per litre more than the retail selling rate, (Rs. 56.88  per litre in New Delhi) to save an estimated Rs. 12,907 crore in annual subsidy.

    The petrol prices are reduced by 30 paise per litre (net).
    The present price of petrol will be Rs 67.26 per litre at Delhi.

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