Dieting and Weight Reduction-Some Doubts and Clarifications

Is Skipping breakfast a good way to lose weight ?

NO. Skipping breakfast will make us feel tired and hungry during the morning and encourage us to reach for high-fat, high-calorie snacks. In fact, people who eat breakfast are more likely to maintain a healthy weight that those who skip breakfast.

Will strict dieting successful in reducing weight ?

NO. If we eat only fruits like grapes or oranges all day long for a week, we will lose weight. But diets that drastically cut calories will quickly become boring and will not be effective in the long run. We need not starve to lose weight.

Do we have to give up our favourite foods ?

NO. Depriving ourselves of all the food items we enjoy will not work. We will have to give in to temptation and abandon our efforts. There is no harm in allowing ourselves a treat now and then.

By eating at night will we gain weight ?

NO. It will not matter when we eat, if we are eating too much. It is healthier for our digestive system not to eat a heavy meal before we go to bed, but a later dinner will not make us any fatter than an earlier one.

Is it possible to spot reduce, or to lose fat in one part of our body ?

NO. We cannot pick and choose where we gain or lose weight from. When the body loses fat, it will be lost throughout the body. Focusing on one area of the body when exercising may develop better muscle tone in that area, but it will not remove more fat.

Can certain fruits, such as grapes burn fat ?

NO. Some foods can help us to burn fat and some foods with caffeine may speed up our metabolism slightly for a short time, but they will not cause significant weight loss.

Will food like bread rich in carbohydrates fatten us ?

NO. It is calories that count, and carbohydrate has less than half the calories of fat. But carbohydrate-rich foods can fatten because of the fillings and toppings commonly added to them, such as creamy sauces, jams, butter or cheese. Some carbohydrate foods, especially wholegrain items are packed with full of fibre which can keep hunger at bay. Wholegrain pasta is more filling than white pasta and will keep us satisfied for longer.

Should we avoid snacks in between meals ?

NO. Eating healthy snacks, within limits between meals can actually help us to control our appetite and keep our blood sugar level steady. Fruits and raw vegetables are good choices.

Does low fat mean low calorie ?

NO. Replacing fat with other ingredients can still result in a product with a high calorie content. Quantity is also important and we will not cut back on calories if we eat twice as much of a low fat product as a full fat one.

Do we have to exercise intensively to burn fat?

NO. Even low intensity exercise will burn fat. Walking, cycling, gardening or doing housework will help us to burn calories and lose weight.

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