Infosys Awards 2009 to Indian Scientists

Infosys Science Foundation has awarded Prizes for the year 2009 to the following 5 Indian Scientists for their achievements in Science:-

  • Mr.K.Vijay Raghavan-Neurobiologist and Gene Expert-National Centre of Biological Science, Bangalore- Infosys Prize for Live Sciences
  • Mr.Ashok Sen-Professor of Mathematical Physics-Harish Chandra Research Institute, Allahabad- Infosys Prize for Mathematical Physics
  • Mr.Thanu Padhmanabhan-Professor-Inter-University Centre for Astronomy and Astro-Physics, Pune- Infosys Prize for Physical Sciences-For his deeper understanding of Einstein’s Theory of Gravity and Cosmology
  • Mr.Ahijeet Banerjee-Professor of Economis-MIT.USA- Infosys Prize for Social Sciences
  • Ms.Upinder Singh, D/o, Dr.Manmohan Singh, The Prime Minister of India-Professor in Delhi University- Infosys Prize for History-for her research in early medieval Indian History

Mr. Hameed Ansari, The Vice-President of India gave away the above prizes.

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