Ageing is the process of our becoming older day by day, a process that is genetically determined and environmentally modulated. There is no known substance which can halt our aging or extend our life, but the following are some useful tips for improving the chances of living a long time and staying healthy:-

We must,

eat a balanced diet, including fruits and vegetables,

exercise regularly, go for morning walks,

get regular health check-ups,

not smoke, and if we smoke stop smoking,

practise safety habits at home to prevent falls and fractures,

always wear our seatbelt in a car,

always wear helmet while driving two wheelers,

stay in contact and good relations with family and friends,

stay active through work, play, and community activities,

avoid overexposure to the sun and the cold,

avoid too hot and too cold drinks,

avoid alcohol, or if we drink we must be moderate in drinking,

avoid mixing drinking and driving,that is we must not drive if we are drunk,

keep personal and financial records in order to simplify budgeting and investing,

plan long-term housing and money needs,

keep a positive attitude toward life, and

do things that make us and others happy.

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