Dangerous Side Effects of Smoking

We all know that ‘Smoking is dangerous to health’ of the smokers.

We must also realize that smoking is dangerous to non-smokers, the people living with/present near the active smokers.

The non-smokers who are near the smokers become ‘passive smokers or ‘secondary smokers’ who are exposed to the environment polluted by the tobacco smoke spread out by the smokers.

Passive smoking is more dangerous to children and pregnant women.

Passive smoking is the cause of :-

  • Still births
  • Low weight babies
  • Poor performance of children in their studies and other activities
  • Increased risk of cancer
  • Breathing problems
  • Irritation of the eyes nose and throat

Smoking can no more be a purely personal matter; it is a social matter causing concern.

A smoker cannot take his own decision to continue smoking. Smokers must quit smoking not only for themselves but also for the people near them, including their relatives, friends and others.

Smoking in public places in India has been banned recently.

However, awareness must be created in the minds of both active smokers and passive smokers and smoking even in private must be abandoned.

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15 years ago

I want to left this habbit but I can't do this.

so pls suggest.

15 years ago

please dont smoke, its a bad habit which has no benefits

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