Cough Home Remedies

A common and frequent body disorder or discomfort we get is Cold. Mostly, a cold is followed by Cough. Sometimes, cough is not accompanied by cold, which is called dry cough. Cough is due to irritation and infection in our throat. In coughs associated with cold, cough is triggered to remove the mucus from our throat or airways. Our airways are having two routes, one from our nostrils of the nose, and other from our mouth/throat. Both, our foodpipe and airways are inter- linked. There is a valve system at the junction of our food pipe and airways, to regulate our breathing and food passage. Sometimes, if this valve is failing in its work of regulation even for a moment, food/drink will enter our airways, when we will get suffocation.

As said above cough is of two types:-

  • Cold cough
  • Dry cough

When we take medical treatment for cold and cough, we will be prescribed tablets and syrups by our doctor. Some people will prefer Over the counter medications from their Medical shops.

Cold is not completely curable, because cold and cough are not diseases, and they are only, disorders or conditions of throat and lungs. When we get severe cold the mucus will be lingering more in our lungs and our breathing is obstructed. If and when cold becomes acute and if the mucus becomes thick, we will get wheezing. Continuos acute cold will lead to Asthma Bronchitis. For normal cold we can try some home remedies.

The following are some of the home remedies which can be tried in the cases of ordinary cold and cough:-

  • Ginger juice added with Honey, twice or thrice a day
  • Lemon juice added with Honey, twice or thrice a day
  • Raw and peeled ginger can be eaten sprinkling sugar or salt once or twice a day
  • Hot milk with pepper powder and turmeric before going to bed in night
  • Hot milk with honey added before going to bed in night
  • Milk boiled with some pieces of garlic before going to bed during night
  • Raw tea added with lemon juice
  • Cardamom can be chewed
  • Lemon juice with glycerine and honey can be taken twice a day

Generally, it is said, Cold will be cured by medication within a week, and without medication within seven days. But severe and prolonged cold and cough medication under consultation with our doctor is a must.

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