If No PAN- More Income Tax from 01st April 2010

The Indian Income Tax Department has announced vide a notification dated 20th January 2010 that:-

  • Tax at source will be deducted at the highest level on income accruing to people without Permanent Account Numbers/PAN’s with effect from 01st April 2010.
  • The tax will be deducted at 20 per cent or the highest prescribed rate for the category of income, whichever is higher.
  • This will be applicable to all Non-Residents in respect of payments and remittances liable to tax deduction at source.
  • The Tax-assessing officer will not issue certificate for deduction at lower rate o zero-deduction unless an application bears the Permanent Account Number/PAN.

Persons not having PAN may apply immediately for PAN and avoid paying more Income Tax.

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