“INTERNET” nominated for “Nobel Peace Prize-2010” !

“INTERNET” has been nominated for “Nobel Peace Prize-2010”. The Italian edition of a popular ‘Wired Magazine’ – “Wired Italy” has proposed the nomination of “Internet” for promoting “dialogue, debate and consensus through Communication as well as Democracy”.According to Mr.Riccardo Luna, the Editor of “Wired Italy”, we have to look at the Internet as a huge community, where men and women from all over the world and with very different religious views, can communicate and sympathise, spreading a new culture centred on collaboration and sharing of knowledge that breaks all barriers.

And for this reason, the Internet can be considered the first weapon of mass construction, which we can deploy to destroy hate and conflict and propagate peace and democracy.“Wired Italy” has also launched a dedicated campaign, “Internet for Peace”, which will carry on till September 2010, featuring different stories and experiences of those who with the web have tried to do something concrete to promote peace and harmony in the world. The Proposal of “Internet” for the Nobel Peace Prize-2010 has been endorsed primarily by:-

  • Mrs.Shirin Ebadi, “Nobel Laureate for Peace-2003” and
  • Mr.Umberto Veronesi, the famous Italian Surgeon, known for his contributions to Breast Cancer Treatments.

Will “INTERNET” get the Nobel Prize for Peace-2010? We have to wait and see.

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