Cut and Trim your Fingernails and Toenails

Normally, women take care of their finger-nails and toe-nails. But mostly men do not care for them. As women are taking care of the nails men must not think that it is a part of beauty care. Both women and men must keep their finger-nails and the toe-nails clean and healthy.

You must daily wash your Finger-nails and Toe-nails, applying soap. Both Finger -nails and Toe-nails must be neatly cut with a Nail-cutter and trimmed with the trimmer in the nail-cutter. Keeping nails cut and trimmed will help in avoiding dust and dirt to accumulate between the nails and the fingers. Some people will use blades to cut and trim their nails which is unadvisable because of the danger of their cutting their fingers or toes. For people using bare hands for eating, if nails are not cut and kept clean the dirt stored in the nails will go inside the stomach along with the food eaten and the germs in the dirt will cause many diseases.

If mothers feeding food to their children with their bare hands with uncut and unclean nails there is no doubt they feed their children not only food but germs causing diseases.

For People wearing shoes and socks for a long time during their duty, the toenails will have less ventilation and the health of the toenails will be affected. Proper care of the toenails by washing them with soap and cutting and trimming them will keep them in good condition. While cutting the toenails care must be taken not to cut the nails too close to the toes.

Some people will have the habit of biting their fingernails. For such
people cutting and trimming fingernails will help them to come out of the bad and unhealthy habit. Some people will grow some of their fingernails without cutting and they will have long nails, which will be inconvenient for them to do normal works.

From the colour and the appearance of the finger-nails and the toe-nails the health of a person can be known. If Calcium and Protein are inadequate, the nails will become brittle. Food with more Calcium and Protein must be taken to have good and healthy nails.

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