“Why This Kola Veri Di”- Tanglish Song Sung by Dhanush Has Become Universally Popular

Best song of 2011 kolaveri di – CNN

Dutch Groningen rowing team pays tribute to the Indian song, “Why this Kolaveri di?

The British left India in the year 1947, giving away Independence to India after ruling for more than 150 years. Even after the British People left India, their language English continued to linger in India and Indians, especially South Indians have a craze for English. English is a formal language and Indians learned to use English in the right form with correct Grammar and Accent.

However, Indians, especially South Indians used to use English mixed with their local language. And ‘Tanglish’ is a mix of Tamil and English. And Tamil films Tanglish has been used frequently.

Now, a Tamil Film song sung in Tanglish has become universally popular in just a period of one week.

Tamil Actor Dhanush, the son-in-law of Super-Star Rajnikanth is acting in a Tamil Film by name:”3”/Three.

The film ’3’ is directed by Mrs. Aishwarya Dhanush and the Music of ‘3’ is scored by Anirudh Ravichander, 21 years old Music Director, the nephew of Super-Star Rajnikanth.

Ms.Shruthi Hassan, daughter of ‘Ulaga Nayagan’- Kamal Hassan is the heroine of the film ‘3’.

In the film ‘3’, Dhanush has sung a song written by himself, in a mixed language of Tamil and English, known as ‘Tanglish’, a slang liked by the Tamil Film Fans.

The single of the song “Why this Kolavery Di” sung by Dhanush leaked in the internet and the makers of the film ‘3’ officially released the sample of the song.

The song ‘Why this Kolavery Di’ has has been sung with a light hearted fun song about ‘love failure’ and has become very popular and:

  • the song has been shared on social networks by hundreds and
  • has found fans among Bollywood celebrities and non-Tamil speaking youth from around the country and
  • has sparked off debate on whether the song is anti-women or anti-English speakers and
  • The song has got more than 1.5 million hits in the official page
  • The song is the first regional film song to be played by radio stations around the world, including ‘BBC’- on 22nd November 2011 evening.

According to the Actor/ Singer Dhanush:

“Soup song na [means] love failure song…Doubt clear aa?” Kolaveri is light-hearted slang for blood thirst. So it’s no surprise that the song of a jilted boy asking the girl why she did that to him has become an anthem.”

Sonu Nigam’s son sings kolaveri

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12 years ago

Dear Kolavery di!

Why and How this Kolavery??


kolaveri di
kolaveri di
12 years ago

Now it has touched about 7 million youtube views and 3 million facebook shares….

greatest hit of indian cine history 🙂