Hereditary Baldness cannot be Avoided

Some “Myths” about Male-pattern Hair Loss/ Baldness:-

  • Men inherit baldness through their mother’s male relatives:-It is not True; Baldness will come from either side of the family, or both.
  • Longer hair puts a strain on hair roots:-It is not True.
  • Cutting Hair often and keeping hair short and having frequent full shave of head will prevent Hair Loss and Baldness:-It is not True.
  • Shampooing and applying soap will accelerate baldness:-It is not True.
  • Poor Air Circulation to the hair roots will cause baldness:-It is not True.
  • Lack of Blood Circulation in the scalp will cause baldness. Some people will have frequent scalp massages:-It is not correct.

Hair Loss/Fall is due to:-

  • Hereditary
  • Old age
  • Genes/Harmones
  • Decreased Growth of Hair
  • Increased Shedding of Hair
  • Breakage of Hair
  • Conversion of thick terminal Hair to thin vellus Hair
  • Iron/Calcium Deficiency
  • Deficiency of Thyroid Hormone
  • Improper Care of Hair and Scalp
  • Damage by Over- Dyeing/Colouring

Prevention of Hair Loss/Baldness:-

Hair Loss/Baldness is mostly hereditary and this type of Baldness cannot be prevented or avoided.

Hair Loss due to other reasons can be prevented. Proper nutrients in food with enough Calcium will strengthen hair. Proper Sleep and rest also will keep hair healthy. Baldness is just a medical condition, but for the affected people, its effects have social and psychological consequences. Though Baldness is not a disease the affected persons feel very sick right from the day they find that their hair starts falling. Especially for young males whose fathers/ grand fathers are bald, start worrying on their hair loss. They wish to stop their hair shedding and avoid becoming bald.

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