Different Types of Friends

There are different types of Friends such as:

  • Room- mates,
  • Class-mates, 
  • Companions, 
  • Neighbours,
  •  Country to country friends, 
  • Travel friends,
  •  Pen-pals, 
  • Internet-friends, 
  • Comrades, 
  • Colleagues, 
  • Romantic Friends, 
  • Soul Mates,
  •  Lovers,
  •  Platonic Life Partners, 
  • Friends with Benefits, 
  • Intimate Friends, 
  • Blood-related Friends,
  •  Friends of the same gender and 
  • Inter-gender Friends, etc.
While the above list of different types of friends is not exhaustive, there are some more types of friends as described below.
Nowadays, the people of the  young generation take all acquittance as friendships. 
Our friends may be broadly classified into the following categories: 
  • Contact Friends
  • Common Friends/Friends of Friend
  • Community/Religion Friends
  • Confirmed Friends
  • Commitment Friends
All true-lovers are friends (at least until their love ends up with their wedding, in some cases), but all friends need not be lovers, irrespective of their gender; and of course, love is a type of friendship with a different dimension. 
In the present Modern Culture, the role of gender in Friendship and its intensity requires reconsideration of our understanding of “Friendship”.

There is no legal definition or binding for Friendship, as in marriage. 
A real and true friendship may be considered to be more than love of any type, in view of the absence of mutual expectations as in love and marriage.
Also, some married couples may become friends or lovers after marriage.

A friend who supports his friends, only when it is easy and convenient to do so is called a “fair-weather friend”.

A friend who supports his friends in time of emotional difficulties is a “true friend”. 
This term also denotes a large degree of altruism, in that the true friend often sacrifices something of his or her own, usually time and resources, in order to help the friend in need.

Friends who are casually friendly and for some benefits, but do not consider themselves to be intimate friends, are called, “casual friends” or “friends for benefits”.

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