Dangerous Effects of Nail Biting

Nail Biting is a bad and dangerous habit in children and adults. Normally, this habit will start at the age of 10 years. Many adults will continue to have this habit for years together. Sometimes,nail biting is due to some mental stress. Once if it becomes a habit, it is difficult to come out of the habit. There are two types of Nail Biters:-

  • Normal Nail Biters
  • Compulsive Nail Biters

Because of Nail Biting:-

  • Finger Tips will become soft/ red and sore and it will be difficult to use the hands for eating, as the hot food items will give irritation to the finger tips
  • Finger Tips will get bleeding
  • Nails will get deformed
  • Finger Tips will be swollen and Pus will be formed
  • Mouth and Stomach will be Infected due to transmission of germs from nails
  • Nail Biters will have a mixed feeling of anxiety and shyness when they are in public places when they will be tempted to bite their nails, when others will be watching

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15 years ago

Nail biting is a mainstream habit that is over-maligned. It serves a purpose to millions of people as a means of reducing stress. It is not an attractive habit, but it is nothing to be ashamed of. I for one do it all the time, even in public.