List of Proposed “Industrial Parks” in Southern Districts of Tamilnadu State

According to the Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, Ms.J.Jayalalitha, industrial parks will be set up in various southern districts of Tamilnadu.

In order to encourage the entrepreneurs for  setting up units in the proposed Industrial parks, they will get land at a subsidy of 50% of the cost of land which will be reimbursed by th e  Government of Tamilnadu to the State Industrial Promotion Corpoaration of Tamilnadu.

The following are the Southern Districts wherin new Industrial Parks will be set up as detailed below:

In the Chief Minister’s Srirangam Constituency -A Multilayer Double Coated Paper-Board Manufacturing Unit  with a capacity of 2 lakhs tons per year, by the Tamilnadu News Print and Papers Ltd /TNPL at Montipatti Village in Manaparai Taluk on Kulithalai-Manaparai National Highway and the surrounding dry areas covering 989 acres  at a cost of  Rs. 1,200-crores, providing direct and indirect employment to 2000 persons,  the work will begin this year and will be completed in the year 2016.

In the southern coast of Nagapattinam District, a deep water port, a floating storage re-gasification unit and a 500-MW gas-based power plant, at a cost of Rs 3500 Crores will be set up.

In Sivaganga, an industrial park of 2,000 acres would be set up to accommodate a graphite factory and other industries.

In Ramanathapuram District, a 2,000-acre industrial park will to be set up to  house a petroleum refinery and chemical & fertilizer units.

In Pudukottai District  a 2,000-acre industrial park will be set up  for engineering industries, metal units and dry skin manufacturing units.

In Dindigul District, a 1,500-acre induustrial park will be set up for food processing and allied industries.

In Theni district, 2000 acres industrial park will be set  up for  food processing and allied industries.

In Virudunagar District, an  industrial park  will be set up for the specific purpose of providing infrastructure to firework units, food processing, engineering and printing units.

In Tuticorin District,a 6000 acres  industrial park will be set up to attract shipbuilding and repair units, heavy engineering units, metal and chemical industries.

In Tirunelveli District a 1500 acres Renewable Energy Hub will be set up  for solar power plants, and other parts for renewable energy sector.

In the coastal Kanyakumari District, a 250 acres industrial park will be set up  to attract marine industries and to accommodate rubber industries, engineering industries and tourism projects.

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