‘Indian’- Chess Star Viswanathan Anand’s Nationality Doubted

Indian “University of Hyderabad” proposed to confer an honorary doctorate on the ‘Indian Chess Star Viswanathan Anand’.Because of the ‘Procedural Delay’ in the office of the Indian Human Resources Ministry, the convocations of the University of Hyderabad were over, before the papers related to the doctorate to Viswanathan Anand were cleared.

In the process, Viswanathan Anand:-

  • who is playing chess for India and bringing laurels to INDIA,
  • the first Sports Star conferred on with India’s Second Highest Civilian Award, “Padma Vibhushan” in the year 2007,
  • who has received many Indian Awards and Prizes,
  • who holds a valid Indian Passport and his parents are in Chennai and Anand owns a house at Chennai and
  • who stays in Spain having a base in Madrid (Spain) because chess is played more in European countries

has been hurt emotionally because his nationality has been questioned by the Indian Human Resources Ministry, in the process of clearing the papers related to the “University of Hyderabad”‘s Honorary Doctorate proposed to be conferred on the prestigious Indian Chess Champion.

Anand has declined to accept at present, the honorary doctorate offered by the University of Hyderabad. He may accept the same after some time after coming out of the shock received by him due to the “Procedural Delay”.

“Delay Breeds Corruption; Delay Breeds Contempt.”

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